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Advertising Specialties


Advertising specialties printers are often full service firms that specialize in advertising and marketing. Printers that are advertising specialists can assist firms in determining the specific color scheme, verbiage, design, and target group for advertisements and marketing campaigns.

Advertising specialties can include promotional products with company logos or slogans such as custom gifts, pens, pencils, business cards, key chains, coffee mugs, and stickers. Advertising specialties can increase sales and referrals to gain customer appreciation and strengthen customer relationships. Promotional products increase product and service use, increase brand equity, and strengthen reputation.

Printers that specialize in promotional products and advertising specialties can assist firms by helping to prepare marketing, advertising, and promotional campaigns, design products, and print products.

Advertising specialties can be used for a variety of occasions:

  • Imprinted custom gifts, pens, business cards, key chains, or coffee mugs are great promotional items and ways to increase sales.
  • Corporate gifts for employees help to increase employee satisfaction and work quality directly translating to increased profitability.
  • Around the holidays specialty gifts for employees and loyal customers show appreciation and generate long-term customers.