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Annual Report Printing

To a publicly traded firm, whether for profit or non-for-profit, the annual report is one of the most important and powerful communication documents. The annual report plays an integral role in establishing and maintaining brand identity and brand equity, which directly translate into profitability. Often, the annual report is the only document a person views before determining whether to invest in a firm. With such importance, annual reports should not be left to just any printer.

Print Access will locate the annual report printer that meets your specifications and will provide a high-quality product representative of your firm's success. Print Access provides services for both for-profit and non-for-profit firms of any size.

Annual reporting is highly regulated and to avoid legal issues ensure you have met the requirements of the SEC. Corporations must include the following legal and financial information in all annual reports:
1. Audited Financial Statements
2. Notes to Financial Statements
3. Auditor's Report
4. Management's discussion and analysis
5. Three-year Industry Segment Breakdown
6. Changing Price Information and Financial Reporting
7. Market Information for Common Stock
8. Officers and Directors Listing
9. Litigation Information
10. Significant Policies of accounting
11. Five-year financial summary
12. Two-year Quarterly Breakdown of High and Low Stock Prices

Non-for-profit firms do not have the same regulation from the SEC regarding financial reporting, however, many choose to follow a similar structure for the purpose of their annual reports. We encourage non-for-profit firms to include a list of donors and specifically target their clients and communities that they serve.