Brand and Corporate Identity

Corporate identity is a term that is thrown around a lot along with brand identity in the business world. Corporate identity is essentially the marketing concept that a corporate creates a persona that is aligned with its business objectives and can be achieved through branding, trademarks, and copyrights. Corporate identity allows a firm to answer questions like "who are we?" and "what are our goals as a firm?" Corporate identity also allows consumers to identify and relate specific ideas and images with certain firms.

Many aspects make up corporate identity including the title of the corporation, logo, supporting devices, trademarks, and slogans. Corporate identity is often viewed as three main concepts:

  • Corporate design including logos, uniforms, colors, font, etc.
  • Corporate communication including advertising, public relations, and marketing.
  • Corporate behavior with includes internal values, ethics, and norms.

A successful corporate identity strategy must be differentiated from its competitors, relevant to current times, coherent and easily understandable, and create a positive image for the firm. Printed products are an excellent way to increase corporate identity and brand awareness. Firms must establish what specific information will be part of the corporate identity and how to convey that message to the consumer.

Firms can use marketing, advertising, and brand equity specialists to assist in this manner and make use of experienced printers who specialize in corporate identity to maximize success. Firms even exist that specialize in corporate identity design and can help with branding solutions. Consider what message you want to convey and the way in which you want to convey that message and employ the help of experts to create an image that sets your firm apart from the rest and maintains a positive identity.