Bumper Sticker Printing

Bumper stickers are a great promotional item for trade shows and conferences that can help to increase brand awareness, brand equity, and drive sales. Printers that offer bumper printing options should offer custom sizes and designs, a variety of color printing options, digital and offset printing, and quantities that meet your needs. Many firms also offer free shipping, which can be an excellent way to reduce costs. Look for firms with no minimum quantity, free shipping, and a high turnover rate. Stickers are great for businesses, school groups, church groups, sports teams, and clubs. They help create a feeling of inclusiveness and increase brand awareness.

Printers that offer bumper sticker services should provide the option of using a template with an uploaded logo, photo, or text, or customizable options. The customer should be able to upload a bumper sticker through a variety of digital mediums including PowerPoint, CorelDRAW, or Photoshop.

Look for firms who offer the following options:

  • Bumper stickers printed on vinyl, polyester, clear, static cling, and colored stock options
  • A variety of size and shape options, with customizable trim options
  • In-house designers to assist your firm with the marketing and advertising aspects
  • A variety of printers including laser printers, inkjet, and digital printers
  • Web presses, cylinder presses, rotary, and flat-bed presses
  • Full-color, two-color, and one-color printing
  • Offset and thermal printing options
  • Laminate or matte finishing
  • Free shipping and quick turnover