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Business Card Printing

Business cards are a great way to exchange contact details with one another and create professional connections that can lead to business opportunities. Business cards should include the person's name, name of the business, business title, address, phone number, email address, logo, and website. Business cards can be an excellent marketing tool and can provide entrepreneurs a way to maximize business deals and create lasting connections.

Many business card printers offer standard and die-cut business cards in a variety of color schemes, sizes, and designs. Three sizes are generally available including the United States standard, square, and slim cut. Die-cut business cards offer even greater variability including custom shapes such as circles, half-circles, rounded corners, or customizable shapes and sizes depending on the printer.

Business card printers often have quick turnaround, somewhere in the range of 3-4 business days, and should offer rush delivery options. Die-cut business cards may take 6-7 days to turnaround. Templates and online forms are often available for use or you can create custom designs that fit your brand identity. Consider putting your social media information on your business card as well to maximize forms of contact.

Look for firms that offer discounts and specials and who also provide free shipping on your business cards. Horizontal and vertical formats should both be available including a wide array of professional, designer, and customizable options. Firms may also offer various coating options, a variety of styles and cuts, recycled paper, full-color, one-color, and two-color, single or double-sided, and a square or round corners. Design the business card that best represents you and your firm and increase contacts and maximize connections!