Continuous Form Printing

Continuous forms are any batch of information that exists in reel form. Continuous forms are preprinted and repeat on each page, with the bottom of one page joined to the top of the next with a perforated attachment. Firms use continuous forms for tally rolls or cash-register receipts.

Firms that provide printing services for continuous firms should offer the following:

  • Carbonless and carbon interleaved options
  • Continuous clean edge letterheads
  • Payroll and accounts payable checks
  • Data mailers
  • Statements, invoices, and purchase orders
  • Form and label combinations
  • Register machine forms
  • Index cards
  • Stock tab, computer paper, or copy paper options
  • The ability to automatically feed and duplicate continuous computer forms
  • Computer and software compatible continuous forms
  • Full color and black and white options

Things to consider for your continuous forms needs:

  • Paper type and size
  • Form type (i.e. financial, medical, law, invoice, etc.)
  • Height and width of each piece
  • Number of parts
  • Marginal words (i.e. customer copy, office copy, etc.)
  • Full color, black and white, or two color
  • Ply number
  • Carbonless or carbon copy
  • Back printing
  • Page numbers, perforations, and punching

Continuous forms are manufactured from a continuous roll of paper that is not cut into units prior to the manufacturing process. Custom continuous forms can be designed and manufactured to meet the customer's specific needs. Printers often have graphic design departments that can assist you when it comes to designing your continuous forms. Reputable continuous forms printers should have good roll construction, consistent color from roll to roll, press operator, date, and time of production clearly labeled, and the ability to batch count, shrink wrap, and carton pack efficiently.