Credit Card Printing

Credit cards are an essential aspect of today's global marketplace. The average consumer owns multiple credit cards and carries a number of gift cards and rewards cards as well. Many firms choose to produce their own credit cards to drive sales, maintain customer loyalty, and increase profitability and brand equity. Credit cards an extremely important item and confidentiality and safety are essentially to the credit card printing process.

The standard credit card printer can print a number of customizable cards in the standard industry size of 3 3/8" by 2 1/8". Printers can provide blank credit cards or cards with specified numbers. Printers should be able to produce a number of credit cards with serial numbers in order to print a large range of numbers for your firm. To ensure safety make sure you work with a firm that offers holographs and smart chips to protect your customer's safety and prevent theft.

Credit card printers should offer a number of colors, designs, font types, and font sizes to ensure you receive the exact card to meet your specifications. Consider working with a credit card printer to provide gift cards or rewards cards to encourage customer loyalty and drive sales. Some printers may offer in-house marketing experts to assist you in your design and setup process.

  • Things to consider when designing your credit cards, gift cards, or rewards cards:

    • Degree of confidentiality and need for anti-theft devices
    • The name, location, size, and font of the company
    • Any additional company information
    • Any disclaimers or important legal notices
    • Need for scanning or magnetic strip device for tracking
    • Need for any identification numbers or pins

    Work with a reputable credit card printing firm to ensure you receive the highest quality service and most reliable and trustworthy product. Printers can ensure you cover all of your bases and will assist your in the preparation process.