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Direct Mail


Direct Mail is a powerful tool for sales and lead generation. It's important to find a quality provider to ensure your sales goals are met. Keys to successful campaigns involve quality of offer, strategy, creative treatment, mailing lists, and print quality.

Finding the right Direct Mail company is easy with Print Access. Direct Mail experts can provide different levels of service depending on company needs and in-house capabilities. Direct Mail companies fall into two main categories; full service providers that can handle all aspects of a campaign and companies that specialize in one area.

Full service direct mail providers can help with direct marketing strategy, graphic design, copywriting, list rental and selection, list management, and printing post cards, brochures, envelopes, and specialized mailers.

Mailing Lists

A direct mail campaign always starts with a mailing list and it's important to use a targeted mailing list for your offer. If your company has an in-house list, database maintenance is recommended to avoid duplicates and invalid addresses. Direct Mail companies can optimize your current mailing list and suggest strategies and software for ongoing list maintenance.

Mailing list rentals are available for a variety of target markets. Mailing lists are available by geographic area, business type, interests, and lifestyles. Direct mail providers can research mailing list costs and availability and present a variety of options.


Optimizing the creative of direct mail can make a huge difference in the success of a campaign. The Direct Marketing Association reports that direct mail success rates can vary by as much as 300% by optimizing creative. It's smart to work with an experienced direct marketing firm that has experience in direct mail creative development.

Creative consultants provide copy, graphic design, and marketing strategies based on the offer and target market. Direct mail creative consultants often specialize in different business areas so it's a good idea to find a provider who has experience in your business category.


Direct mail printing is a specialized form of printing. Direct mail offers must stand out in the prospect's mailbox conveying quality and eliciting interest. There are several different strategies for achieving this goal and will vary depending on the product and market.

Custom envelopes show part of the offer on the envelope encouraging users to open. Brochures are often sent without envelopes which means the cover of your brochure must be interesting and compelling. Custom mailers are often a combination offer and envelope which results in lower printing costs. Using high quality printed materials is an important part of encouraging users to read your offer.