DVD and CD Rom Production

A DVD or CD-ROM can be an excellent promotional item and can deliver a specific marketing or advertising message. DVD and CD-ROM promotional items can also be used for presentations at company meetings or at trade shows and conferences. Many firms offer production, replication, and duplication services. If you already have your video or presentation prepared, a firm can be used to rapidly duplicate the information onto a DVD or CD-ROM and mass-produce it.

Most firms offer the following services:

  • CD Replication
  • CD Duplication
  • DVD replication
  • DVD Duplication
  • Blu-Ray Replication
  • DVD and CD Manufacturing
  • DVD and CD Pressing and Copying

DVD or CD-ROM Replication is often confused with duplication but there are significant technical and practice differences. Duplication is the process of making a basic copy whereas replication is process that requires more technical work to produce an exact copy. Replication produces an identical copy that will work in any CD, DVD, or Blu-Ray player, whereas this cannot be guaranteed using duplication processes. The replication process produces a glass master that allows a firm to produce an exact replica that can be replicated in bulk.

Many firms also offer manufacturing services that can assist a firm in the creation and audio mastering processes. Manufacturing services can help a firm create a CD or DVD from the ground up for anything from corporate presentations to promotional videos. DVD manufacturing services often include everything from DVD authoring, DVD duplication, and DVD conversion.

Before contacting a DVD or CD-ROM production company consider your specific needs. Are you looking to create a DVD or CD-ROM from scratch or do you simply need duplication or replication services? Consider your options and look for firms that offer creative solutions and can provide marketing and advertising specialists to assist in creating and generating the appropriate message.