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Envelope Printing


Envelope printing can be used to customize your businesses or individual envelopes for easy identification. Avoid important documents being thrown out by using one-color, two-color, or full color envelope printing. When your envelopes have your logo and company name clearly printed on them, the recipients will immediately know the item is from your firm. Because envelopes may often be the first impression customers and business partners have of your firm ensure your product is clearly identifiable and a good representation.


Envelope printing should be available in one-color, two-color, or full color with a variety of styles and prints to choose from. Before choosing an envelope printer know:

One-color, two-color, or full color
Logo, name, address, and other information to be printed on the envelope
Where the information will be printed
Font style and size
Security tinting
Recycled paper options
Colored envelope options
Size and type of envelope (i.e. business envelope, standard envelope, catalog envelope, square envelop, etc.)
Window or non-window
Self seal options including flip-n-stick, latex seal, and peel & seal

Generally envelope printing is available in three main types: business envelopes, window envelopes, and specialty envelopes. Business envelopes include booklet, catalog, commercial, donation, and tinted for security purposes. Window envelopes range from open side windows to open end windows, full view and special window options. Specialty envelopes can also be printed for your specific needs including clasp envelopes, coin envelopes, colored envelopes, border envelopes, or translucent envelopes.