Fleet Graphics

Fleet graphics are an excellent branding tool that can increase customer base and drive profitability. Many firms use fleet graphics to wrap vehicles and create a bold statement. While fleet graphics can be a costly investment, the increase in profits can often offset the costs. To decrease costs look for firms with a strong reputation and that offer free evaluations. A good fleet graphics provider should be able to accommodate the loss of productivity due to downtown, vehicles that are located in a variety of places, and different vehicle types.

Fleet graphics are often available in a variety of sizes and shapes, full body wraps, or partial wraps for the side, back, hood, or trunk. Many providers of fleet graphics offer in-house creative specialists and graphic designs that can create images to your every specification. The digital graphics are then printed on vinyl, laminated, and finished with a UV-protective coat. The ideal fleet graphics provider should have certified installers that can work on any size and type of vehicle.

When deciding what type of fleet graphics you may need, consider:

  • The important information to include - name and important contact information - consider including a website or email address.
  • Colors of logo, name, and design.
  • Specialty fonts on design, logo, or name.
  • Any specific images to include.
  • Size and number of vehicles to include.