Foil and Embossed Labels

Foil and embossed labels are excellent choices to give your product something special and make it stand out from the crowd. Foil labels are produced by transferring metallic foil on to the label and can be produced in gold, silver, or a varying degree of colors. Combination foil and ink labels may also be available and can add shelf life to products and be used for even the most complex label design.

Embossed labels also add a special effect to your products labels and help the to stand out. Blind embossing or embossed foil labels are two unique options to make your product shine. Foil stamping may also be combined with embossing to create a two dimensional, dazzling label that will attract consumers to your product.

Not only are foil and embossed labels excellent for products, they are also fantastic for special events, anniversaries, wedding stationery, gift seals, and other important announcements. Custom foil and embossed labels and seals can be added to folders, business cards, sales literature, envelopes, or other promotional material to create an instant and lasting impression.

Printers who offer foil and embossed seals and labels should offer a variety of sizes and shapes including starbursts, circles, ovals, scallops, squares, and rectangles in addition to gold, silver, and bronze foil options. Light and heavy weight foil seals and labels may also be available. Lightweight embossed foil seals are more economical and may be available shiny or dull and can be excellent if cost management is a high priority. Heavy weight foil seals and labels are perfect when high performance is first priority. Also available in dull or shiny offerings, heavyweight foil seals and labels raise the bar and make your product or announcement elegant and eye catching.

Printers offer an array of options including embossed foil seals, foil stamped seals, ink printed seals, embossed foil labels, foil stamped labels, and combination foil and ink seals and labels.