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Fufillment Services


Fulfillment services save firms time and money. By using a service provider that is an authorized UPS, FedEx, or DHL shipping outlet, firms can expedite their shipping and printing needs and keep costs lower by using fewer intermediaries. Fulfillment services can include everything from direct marketing and direct response support to least cost package routing, order processing and customer care, and cross dock and storage options.

Firms that provide fulfillment services will take care of your storage and warehousing, inventory control, pick and pack services, and shipping needs. By reducing the number of intermediaries in the supply chain, firms can increase efficiency and lower costs.

Storage and Warehousing

Many fulfillment firms provide storage facilities that can protect raw materials and finished products. By handling the logistics of your businesses, fulfillment service providers take care of the details.


Inventory management is often a key aspect of fulfillment services for many firms. Inventory status, availability, and flow through the supply chain drive many key business decisions. Fulfillment service providers can handle firms inventory management needs through complex operating systems that can identify and track SKUs and provide firms with real-time data.

Pick and Pack

Pick and pack is the process through which a fulfillment service provider chooses the items in the current inventory to be shipped, prepares invoices, processes the movement of the inventory, and packs it to be shipped. Firms use complex systems to track the inventory's movements and assembly line processes for shipment preparation.


Fulfillment service providers are often UPS, FedEx, USPS, or DHL certified shipping agents or have contracts with such providers to move firms' shipments efficiently throughout the globe at low costs. Because fulfillment service providers ship a high volume of goods, courier services will negotiate discounts.