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Graphic Design Services


Graphic design is the creative process used to determine the best way to effectively deliver a message often for a product or service. Firms may use their own graphic designers to determine the appropriate visual design or may work with a graphic designer at a printer. Graphic design is generally done digitally using computer software and as such it is important that printers for graphic design material can work from digital files. Graphic design is commonly used for logos and branding, websites, publications including magazines, newspapers, and books, advertisements, and product packaging.

The graphic design of your advertising and marketing materials plays a crucial role in the impact of the campaign. The shapes, colors, and overall design of the graphic are extremely important to its effectiveness. Working with professional graphic designers, whether in-house or outsourced is important to creating the most marketable image.

Laser printers, inkjets, dye sublimation, and solid wax proofing devices can all be used for graph design printing. Because graphics quality is crucial including precise font positioning, color clarity, and layout, the standard printer cannot be used graphic design images. A3 printers are often the most commonly used printers for graphic design needs.

Specialty printers exist that focus on graphic design and can help you create a unique image that will help your company grow and profit. It is important that you look at materials the firm has produced in the past to ensure it is up to standard with the type of graphic design you are looking for.


A graphic design printer should offer services including:

  • Branding and corporate identity
  • Strategic planning and implementation
  • Logo design, brochure and pamphlet design and printing
  • In-house, direct mailing
  • Customized website and promotional material design
  • A portfolio of past work to view