Hologram Printing

Hologram printing is a specialty form of printing that is rather extensive and can be completed for a number of different purposes. Hologram printers often offer the standard security hologram, in addition to transparent holograms, hologram hot stamping, hologram seals, tape, and film, and hologram stickers, artwork design, and aluminum foil.

Embossed holograms are used on a variety of documents and often used for aesthetic appeal as well. The technique used to create holographs allows light scattered from an object to be recorded and reconstructed with an imaging system, which results in an image that changes as the position and orientation of the viewer changes in relationship to the object. It created a three-dimensional effect and is used for aesthetic and artistic purposes and security reasons as well.

Holographic printing can be used for art, data storage, hobbyists, scientific microscopy, and security. Because a hologram cannot be duplicated with a scanner or photocopiers, images that have holographic printing are especially secure. It is also not possible to forge or copy a hologram through standard printing processes. Because of the safety aspects of holographic printing, it is often used for identification cards, banknotes, currency, and security documents. When looking for a hologram printer, be sure to consider firms only with a strong reputation and history in the business. Consider past work and the level of confidentiality.