Inkjet Printing Supplies

Inkjet printers are the most common home and office printers that create digital images by shooting droplets of ink onto paper. They range from small at-home models, to large professional printers. Inkjet printers have a number of advantages to earlier consumer printers, including the level of noise, fineness and smoothness of the print, and lower cost per usage.

One of the major disadvantages of inkjet printers is the cost of ink cartridges. Due to the high costs many wholesale distributors exist that can help supplier printers with the necessary items for inkjet printing.

Some of the many products and services offer by inkjet printing suppliers include:

  • Inkjet printers for numbering, barcodes, text to full graphics capability
  • Inkjet using HP technology for direct mail
  • Consultant Services
  • Service and Repair
  • Integrated lines for stationery products
  • UV Flexo printing presses for labels and board
  • Water based and solvent inks for a variety of brands
  • Infrared drying systems