Metal Decorating Printing

Some printers can provide a unique service for firms needing offset printing on metal. Specialty inks and rollers are used to print directly onto a metal product or packaging. The inks used for metal decorating can produce vivid color with high color concentrate that has excellent adhesiveness and ability to withstand extreme temperature changes. Pad printing, screen printing, and even inkjet printing can be done on metal to add a logo, brand name, important information, or simply as decoration.

A new and unique medium for art is also now emerging in which photos are preserved through metal prints. Dies are infused directly into specially coated aluminum sheets, which produce a brilliant and impressive print and at the same time preserve the photo.

Screen-printing is a very effective method for printing on metal and can produce a high quality image in full color, one-color, or two-color. Screen-printing can add your logo or name brand to your metal product or add a decorative touch. Ink-jet printing on metal is another option that involves printing direct to metal on a roll using conventional water-based ink jet printers.

Printing on metal can also be an excellent way to personalize gifts for customers, employees, stockholders, and business partners. Metal printers can customize stainless steel mugs, pens and promotional products, and various other gifts or products.