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Packaging Printing


Package printers are used to design and print packages for your products. Package printers should be able to help you and your firm determine the best marketing design, color scheme, and logo use to drive sales of your product and increase profitability. To decrease costs and intermediaries look for a package printer who can ship labels and films directly to your warehouse for immediate labeling and shipping.

Package printing generally comes in three forms:

Shrink Sleeves

Shrink sleeves are labels that are applied to a container and then shrunk with heat so they conform tightly to the product. Shrink sleeves are often used on bottles and jars. Shrink sleeves should always include tamper evident bands in order to protect the package and avoid future legal issues

Flexible Packaging and Pouches

Flexible packaging and pouches are generally bags or similar like containers that are not rigid yet still protect the product. A good printer should have a variety of printing methods including rotogravure, wide web flexo, or narrow web printing and be able to print on a variety of laminated films and papers.

Folding Cartons

Folding cartons are an excellent shape for distribution and storage, have long shelf lives in retail stores, and are undeniably the best protection method for your product. Look for printers who can print short-run folding cartons using digital or offset printing and are able to print barcodes directly onto packaging.

Work with a firm who can assist you in your graphic, advertising, and marketing needs or simply send exactly what you want and firms should be able to deliver your message in the proper medium for your product packaging needs.