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Screen Printing

Screen-printing is a unique printing method that uses a woven mesh that supports an ink-blocking stencil and transfers the ink to a printable material. Screen-printing may also be done using a stenciling method in which a design is superimposed on a silk, or other fine mesh, screen and the ink is forced through the mesh onto the printable material. The paper stenciling method is the most cost effective and efficient way to screen print, taking sometimes as little as 20 minutes, however, is not intended for more complex and intricate images. Stencil screen-printing is more advanced, yet still very efficient and cost effective, and can be used for a variety of different images ranging from simple to complex.

Screen printing is incredibly versatile, more so than any other printing method, and can be done to a variety of different materials including balloons, clothing, decals, electronics, labels, signs, displays, and a variety of textile fabrics.

Screen-printing is done using a screen printing press, which is generally performed manually and requires a professional with experience and knowledge of the process and the use of the press. Know your printing job is in good hands by using only the most reputable screen printers in the business.

Screen-printed t-shirts, hats, and other clothing items are excellent for team building, corporate retreats, executive gifts, trade shows, or community service days. When looking for a reputable screen printer, take a look at some of their previous work and also consider the methods they use and the type of inks. Screen-printers can range in level and ability. Some may offer marketing design and brand identity assistance while others simply do the printing. If you already have the exact image in mind, the screen-printing process is relatively quick and painless. If you'd like assistance with the image construction consider using a screen-printer with an in-house marketing department that can help drive sales and profitability for your business!