Self Mailers

A self-mailer is a folder or form that is sent by mail without an envelope and has a stamp or gummed sticker that holds the halves together. Self-mailers are environmentally friendly and cost effective. Self-mailers are especially useful marketing and sales tools if implemented correctly. Self-mailers have a number of advantages including cost, simplicity, space, and flexibility.

Some of the disadvantages of self-mailers include the dull appearance and the less personal tone. You can counteract the disadvantages by using interesting fonts, colors, and designs in addition to personalizing the printing process by including information related to your customer base.

Self-mailing printers should offer a variety of options to help drive your sales and marketing efforts and increase customer base in a cost effective manner. Printers should offer full color, one color, and two color options in addition to a number of image option and sizes. Look for firms with in house shipping to increase efficiency and reduce intermediaries. Self-mailing printers may also offer marketing specialists to help you design a self-mailer that will increase sales and profitability.

Many self-mailing printers may also offer a free marketing analysis of your business that can be a valuable tool to help design the best self-mailer for your marketing and advertising needs. By identifying your marketing objectives and goals, you can determine the best approach to drive sales. If implemented properly and you make an effort to increase appearance and tone of your self-mailer, you can increase sales in a cost effective and environmentally friendly manner.