Training Manuals

A professionally printed and prepared training manual can create the right first impression with new employees. Training manuals serve a very important purpose within a business and without a well prepared and presented training manual, firms can have a reduction in employee understanding, retention, and implementation. Use professional and reputable printers to reduce stress, time, and money spent on preparing a training manual. Training manual printers specialize in getting your training manual and accompanying documents to the correct location, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Training manuals are critical to employee success, and employee success leads directly to increased sales and customer satisfaction. Use your training documents effectively to increase competitive advantage and maximize brand equity. Generally, firms prepare their own training documents in-house because there are a number of nuanced details that must be correct in order to ensure effective training manuals. Occasionally printers may have in-house implementation experts who can assist you in a small number of areas in preparing the documents. Standard training manual printers produce a number of types of manuals including safety manuals, software manuals, technical manuals, and instructional manuals.

Training manuals come in an endless number of designs, styles, and printing options. Some standard considerations for preparing your training manuals include:

  • Labeled separator tabs to separate sections
  • One-color, two-color, or full-color printing
  • Cross cover manuals, full color covers, or full color inserts
  • A number of binding options including saddle stitching, plastic coil, loose leaf binder style, or color comb
  • Finishing and laminate options
  • D-ring, O-ring, and page number options

Before sending your training manual documents off to the printer to be professionally prepared, ensure that all information has been verified by multiple people to ensure accuracy. Be sure to include important company information as well as employee information in addition to clear and thorough instructions on every step of the training process. The more details and clear the manual is, the more effective it will be. When working with printers, consider a printer who has experience working with your industry to ensure the most effective presentation of the information. A training manual is an extremely important tool in driving business so ensure you include every detail and work with a reputable and experienced printer.