Two Color Printing

Two-color printing often makes use of black and one other color to create a dramatic contrast for a variety of printing needs. Two-color printing is one of the more inexpensive color printing options that can still provide a dramatic contrast and create an eye-catching image without the use of more than two colors. Two color printing is often used for business cards, flyers, brochures, letterhead, stationery, envelopes, or other similar office or business documents.

A simple black text on white paper is sometimes not enough for a firm to maintain competitive advantage in a global market. To help your advertisements stand out on a page, or create flyers that catch one's eye, firms can use two-color printing and increase competitiveness.

Tight color registration is a critical aspect to two-color printing. If the registers are not perfect and the print is not perfectly aligned, the finished product will not be as effective. By using a printer that not only provides impeccable service but also using cost-efficient methods, firms can save money, increase effectiveness of advertising and marketing materials, and gain competitive advantage.

Two-color printing can also be used for specific holidays or seasons. For example red and green for Christmas time or red and orange for fall. Two-color printing can be done by offset printing or even for screen-printing on t-shirts, hats, or artwork. Two color printing turns your direct mailing into a more effective advertising method, enhances your advertisement, or makes your marketing materials pop!