Variable Data Printing Service

Variable data printing is a digital form of printing during which the text, graphics, or images may be changed from one printed piece of material to the next without stopping or slowing the printing process. Variable-data printing is often used for direct marketing, customer relationship management, advertising, invoicing, and brochures or postcard campaigns. It offers a business the opportunity to print different information on each piece of printed material.

For example if a firm is using a variable data printer to print its direct mailers, it will need different names and addresses printed on each of the individual mailers. Firms often make use of variable data printers with in-house mailing so they can assist in the creative aspect of the marketing campaign and also print each mailer with the correct address and directly mail the printed materials to the customer. This seriously reduces intermediaries and is a very cost effective method.

Variable-data printing uses digital methods to make use of computer databases and digital print devices in addition to highly advanced software to create high-quality documents. Digital printing is available in full-color, two-color, or one-color and offers the customer the option of providing a digital file directly to the printer. For example if the firm is sending out direct mailers, the firm can supply the printer with the database of customers and the variable-data printers can directly harness the digital file to create variable documents.

Variable-data printing can be done on a variety of different levels. The most basic level involves changing a name or one piece of information from document to document. The more advanced variable printing options involve versioning, where different amounts of customization for different markets, with text and imagines change from document to document.

Variable-data printers should be able to print your direct mail, signs, tags, and other marketing materials with a variety of data including price zones, localized offers, images, language, and quantity to provide you with the appropriate variable-data materials for your firms profitability. Firms should also be able to print on paper, board, vinyl, and a variety of other mediums. Look for printers with in-house mailing and marketing specialists to truly maximize your variable-data materials.